Why Trump

Trump’s appeal is undeniable as he garners higher and higher poll ratings, despite attacks from the establishment Left AND Right.

As women, Trump reminds us of something we haven’t seen in a long time: strong, Alpha males in politics. Many of those whining about Trump’s rise in popularity (see: National Review, Wall Street Journal, etc.) have forgotten what a MAN is. Trump takes the values conservative women hold precious: limited government, equal justice for all, the Constitution, life, secure borders, and most of all PRIDE IN BEING A PRINCIPLED COUNTRY and he refuses to back down.

As women we are proud to have Trump represent us; we are refreshed to have strength and unabashed principle represented; we thank Trump for standing up for all Americans, as a true leader should, and refusing to apologize for the principles we hold dear.

It has been so long since we have seen this kind of strength (perhaps it has been relegated only to Wall Street and the business community as man-cuckholding feminism sweeps other areas of our national stage) and as women as appreciate seeing it again!


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