Haters List

Why can’t we all get along? We’ve noticed a *few* publications on the right have been having major “#TrumperTantrums” as Trump’s appeal continues to grow. It’s soooo annoying when the people decide for themselves, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of some of the top Elitist GOP Haters*:

1. Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

  • Penned a supremely haughty and snide editorial bemoaning the icky people’s idiocy in supporting Trump.
  • The WSJ actually called upon their fellow “conservative elites” to do something about the Trump annoyance. (Did they realize how transparent it was to do so? Oops!)
  • #TrumperTantrum count: 1 (does Peggy Noonan’s ‘le sigh’ count as 2?)

2. National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg

  • Called Trump “tedious, tacky, and trite” [Editor’s note: ‘tacky?? really this is what you come up with, Jonah?]
  • Instructed everyday Americans who support Trump that they “need an intervention
  • #TrumperTantrum count: 4 

3. National Review‘s Kevin D. Williamson

  • Ridiculed Trump supporters as “Whinos,” “Trumpkins,” and hold a “deeply stupid view of the world”;
  • Tweeted that Americans who support Trump “can’t think for themselves,” “aren’t conservatives” and are “suckers“;
  • Called Trump a “witless ape” and an “ass.”
  • #TrumperTantrum count: 5

*GOP Elite comprises the inside-the-beltway, Ivory Tower men (and women) who can’t stand it when everyday Americans stray from their directives. When this happens with regards to Trump, they have #TrumperTantrums.

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